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Norwegian student, writer, designer of many things.


Lyntel'Luroon by TheGhostBox
Third part of my series of @campaignpod fanart! 

This time out it's the mysterious and clever twi'lek Lyntek'Luroon, a GM-PC played by the fantastic @wolvesarekuhl ~! She's a quiet, witty and incredibly clever gal, and in my "Five years later / Veterans" take on Lyn I decided to give her some more motherly features. Also glasses and a nice scarf, because there should be more glasses in sci-fi art. 

This might be the one I'm the most pleased with, everything kinda just turned out the right way and I'm super happy with the scarf as well!

I'm still wholeheartedly recommending that you check out the Podcast over here~!
Sarn'Nalim, Pilot by TheGhostBox
Sarn'Nalim, Pilot

So, had to draw my Star Wars character sooner or later, and here he is! Basically the result of me been watching and consuming so much Star Wars over the past few months, and a couple of friends deciding to try to get a tabletop Star Wars thing together using the Feng Shui-system. Which opened up an avenue of me actually getting down and “dirty” working on an actual original character for the game, and in general. 

Introducing Sarn’Nalim: Pilot, racer, and on the run from The Empire!

Sarn’Nalim started his life as most other Twi’lek on his homeworld of Ryloth, but was sold as a slave at a young age and spent most of his teenage years behind the controls of various starships and vessels in the Outer Rims. His skills as a pilot slowly became known in certain circles, which resulted in Sarn landing perhaps the craziest job he’d heard to date: Stealing a TIE Interceptor from an Imperial Test Facility! (To be continued….)

Also really happy that I’ve managed to get inspired drawing again, all thanks to the fantastic @campaignpodcast and the wonderful@wolvesarekuhl for her badass spacemom Lyn! Lyn is also the main inspiration for this guy, so double thanks to Kat! 

CC-1776 'Bacta' by TheGhostBox
CC-1776 'Bacta'
Second piece of fanart for the amazing Star Wars RPG podcast @campaignpodcast

This time we tackle the "rogue" clonetrooper Bacta, “The Mynock” medic and firepower, played by James D'Amato (@OneShotRPG on Twitter)!

Still would reccommend checking out the Podcast over here~!

The ".. basics" bit is a pun, you'll figure it out.


This, as with the one of Tryst, is also a part of my challenge to make One Layer paintings. Basically everything but the text and sketch-lines (not shown) are in one layer. 
Trystan Valentine WIP by TheGhostBox
Trystan Valentine WIP

Been spending my sleepless night working on some fanart for the amazing Star Wars RPG podcast @campaignpodcast

This is, as the picture says: Trystan Valentine, the smuggler captain of “The Mynock”! The podcast is straight out ridiculous and amazing, which we can thank the amazing cast of improv geniuses for and the fantastic game master@wolvesarekuhl that somehow manage the three others! 

Thanks Kat for an awesome show, hopefully this piece will be the first in a series of fanarts of the rest of the crew!

Podcast over here~!

Oh, and the "Sex - Criminal" thing. That's an in-character/podcast in-joke. Take a listen to the podcast and find out why!

MAP MK.II // ARA M1912 Pistol and Carbine by TheGhostBox
MAP MK.II // ARA M1912 Pistol and Carbine
Originally introduced in 1895 as the "Madsen Autoloading Pistol;" the pictured model designated as the M1912 is a reinforced and improved version, also known as the MAP Mk. II.

The M1912 sports a reinforced slide, heavy barrel and chambered in the hard-hitting .455-10 "10mm Arghaven Magnum" round, it proved to be both reliable and effective during the First Deep War seeing how it was only introduced a few months before the War started. 

There was also a carbine version, and carbine conversion kit, produced and sold by Madsen for sporting use. Though the Carbine was also popular in some parts of the Arghaven Royal Guard and Security personnel, as it could be retrofitted with an integral suppressor.  

It's also important to note that the Madsen Autoloading Pistol was being used well into the 2000's and serves as the longest in-service pistol of the Arghaven Royal Guard. 

::Technical Specifications::
MAP Mk. II // ARA M1912  // Carbine

Caliber: .455-10 aka. 10mm Arghaven Magnum
Magazine Capacity: 10/15
Rate of Fire: As fast as Operator.

Regular - 250mm 
Carbine - 800mm

Regular - 1050g
Carbine - 1500g

So, this is the third piece of the rework of my old Arghavner weaponry, and here's the most iconic and important service pistol of Arghaven's armed forces. 
And as per usual, this is a part of my alt-historic nation of Arghaven; a part of the An Age of Wolves universe, a collaberation with DerVulf, Balltrocity and Bajireyn.

This pistol draws heavy inspirations from the Steyr M1912, Colt's 1911, and some of my own ideas of course :)

Totally messed up the length on the picture, as it says centimeter instead of millimeter.  
.... I've been thinking: "I want to do commissions, but I lack the skills to do so..." So how about some collaborations? 
Of course my skills are somewhat limited to weapon designs and writing, so I'd like to collab on some weapons! 
I'm mostly comfortable with with old-world aka. retro style firearms atm but I can easily branch out to modern-day stuff (NOT AR15s though) and I'm working on getting better at shading and colour-work.

Reason for me kinda signing up for collaborations is that I kinda want to become a little more known around the firearm design community, of course there's a selfish side to this, which will in the long run also make me become a better artist!

So if you're interested... Send me a Note with information about what kind of firearm you want to collab on.
I'll need info like type of firearm and what era you want the gun to fit into, like I stated over: Old-world (1700-1800s), modern day or sci-fi/futuro styled weapons.

Until next time, 
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