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MAP MK.II // ARA M1912 Pistol and Carbine by TheGhostBox
MAP MK.II // ARA M1912 Pistol and Carbine
Originally introduced in 1895 as the "Madsen Autoloading Pistol;" the pictured model designated as the M1912 is a reinforced and improved version, also known as the MAP Mk. II.

The M1912 sports a reinforced slide, heavy barrel and chambered in the hard-hitting .455-10 "10mm Arghaven Magnum" round, it proved to be both reliable and effective during the First Deep War seeing how it was only introduced a few months before the War started. 

There was also a carbine version, and carbine conversion kit, produced and sold by Madsen for sporting use. Though the Carbine was also popular in some parts of the Arghaven Royal Guard and Security personnel, as it could be retrofitted with an integral suppressor.  

It's also important to note that the Madsen Autoloading Pistol was being used well into the 2000's and serves as the longest in-service pistol of the Arghaven Royal Guard. 

::Technical Specifications::
MAP Mk. II // ARA M1912  // Carbine

Caliber: .455-10 aka. 10mm Arghaven Magnum
Magazine Capacity: 10/15
Rate of Fire: As fast as Operator.

Regular - 250mm 
Carbine - 800mm

Regular - 1050g
Carbine - 1500g

So, this is the third piece of the rework of my old Arghavner weaponry, and here's the most iconic and important service pistol of Arghaven's armed forces. 
And as per usual, this is a part of my alt-historic nation of Arghaven; a part of the An Age of Wolves universe, a collaberation with DerVulf, Balltrocity and Bajireyn.

This pistol draws heavy inspirations from the Steyr M1912, Colt's 1911, and some of my own ideas of course :)

Totally messed up the length on the picture, as it says centimeter instead of millimeter.  
ARA MK. I Family Concept by TheGhostBox
ARA MK. I Family Concept
The Mark I. Family of combat rifles were introduced in the late 1800's, when the Arghaven Royal Army requested a new series of automatic rifles to serve as the platform for their new standard ammunition ".308ARG". They put out a commission to Arghaven's gunsmiths to produce prototypes for testing. 

One of the gunsmiths that showed up to the task was Johannes Madsen with his "Madsen Autorifle."Mr. Madsen ultimately won the Commission and the rifle became adopted as Arghaven's first automatic service rifle, designated Mark. I.

During the First Deep War of 1912, the Mk. I saw extensive use, but as close-quarter combat became more and more the case, Arghaven Royal Arsenal produced a cut-down version of the rifle, designated Mk. Ib. The Mk. Ib was a carbine designed for use in trenches and other close-quarter situations and quickly became one of the most favoured weapons of the Arsenal during the First Deep War. 

In the year of 1916, a good four years into the War, the Arsenal issued a heavily modified version of the "Trencher" to specific battalions of the Royal Army. The Mark. Ib-2, as the designation went, was a heavy assault carbine that had undergone extensive modifications which included a lighter bolt, for increased fire-rate (not listed), a recoil dampening system taken from older heavy machineguns, and a heavy barrel. Combined with a 40 round drum-magazine, the Mk. Ib-2 was used as a heavy-support weapon together with the regular Mk. Ib. 

When the Mk. II family of rifles got introduced after the First Deep War, the Mk. Ia was marked surplus and, but the Mk. Ib and Mk. Ib-2 still found wide use in both the Royal Army and other branches of the Armed Forces of Arghaven. 

::Technical Specifications::
Mk. Ia/ / Mk. Ib // Mk. Ib-2

Caliber: .308 ARG
Magazine Capacity: 25/40
Rate of Fire: 300-400 (Chopper not listed)

Mk. Ia    - 1200cm
Mk. Ib    - 600cm/800cm 
Mk. Ib-2 - 820cm

Mk. Ia    - 3600g Unloaded
Mk. Ib    - 3000g Unloaded
Mk. Ib-2 - 4500g Unloaded 

This is the second piece of the rework of my old Arghavner weaponry, this time it's the first adopted automatic rifle! 
As usual, this is a part of my alt-historic nation of Arghaven; a part of the An Age of Wolves universe, a collaberation with DerVulf , Balltrocity and Bajireyn .

This rifle draws inspiration heavily form the Remington Model 8 / Model 81 repeating rifles, with a dash of my own added into the mix. 
ARA MK. III Family Concept by TheGhostBox
ARA MK. III Family Concept
Presenting the Arghaven Royal Armoury Mark. II family of Assault Rifles.

Introduced in the mid 1900's, the MK. II replaced the current standard issue rifle of the Arghaven Armed Forces, and simultaneously upped the bar in regards to standards of service arms in the ARF.

MK. IIIa was introduced as the standard rifle, and the MK. IIb as an alternative to Paratroopers, tank crews and Special Forces. 

MK. IIIa // MK. IIIb

Caliber: .308ARG
Magazine Capacity: 25/40rnd Box Mag.
Rate of Fire: 500 to 600 rounds per minute.

MK. IIIa - 1050cm
Mk. IIIb - 800cm unfolded, 550cm with folded stock.

MK. IIIa - 4050 grams Unloaded
Mk. IIIb - 3500 grams Unloaded.

Felt like it was time to actually finish up some more of the concepts I've had laying dormant for more or less the better parts of this year. So here's some more work from my alt-historic nation of Arghaven; a part of the An Age of Wolves universe, a collaberation with DerVulf , Balltrocity and Bajireyn

Obviously drawing heavy inspirations from the HK G3 and Art Deco in this piece, as well as most other Arghavner weapon I design... :P
.... I've been thinking: "I want to do commissions, but I lack the skills to do so..." So how about some collaborations? 
Of course my skills are somewhat limited to weapon designs and writing, so I'd like to collab on some weapons! 
I'm mostly comfortable with with old-world aka. retro style firearms atm but I can easily branch out to modern-day stuff (NOT AR15s though) and I'm working on getting better at shading and colour-work.

Reason for me kinda signing up for collaborations is that I kinda want to become a little more known around the firearm design community, of course there's a selfish side to this, which will in the long run also make me become a better artist!

So if you're interested... Send me a Note with information about what kind of firearm you want to collab on.
I'll need info like type of firearm and what era you want the gun to fit into, like I stated over: Old-world (1700-1800s), modern day or sci-fi/futuro styled weapons.

Until next time, 
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